Tailwindcss Animated

Build your custom
animations with ease.

Add the animation plugin to your Tailwind CSS project and generate your animation using the configurator.

Get in full control.

Set all the CSS animation properties with the interactive configurator without even touching the code. Opt in every property required for your needs.

JIT support for tiny build sizes.

You might be concerned that all the unused premade animations could slow down your application?
We’ve got you covered.
The Animation plugin makes use of Tailwinds Just-in-Time engine, effectively removing everything that you did not use in your project.

Ready to go in like a minute.

Install the plugin with a single command in your terminal. Take a look at the readme for a detailed guide.

> npm install -D tailwindcss > npx tailwindcss init > npm install -D tailwindcss-animated

Ships with the most commonly used premade animations.

Quickly need some animations to spice up your application?
Simply use some of the premade animations with different levels of complexity. You can still apply all of the available CSS properties to make it fit into your project perfectly.

Still not convinced?
Then take a look at the animation configurator.

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